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How we’ll do it

You want to grow your business so you can have the life you’ve always dreamed of. But being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. It can be challenging at times, if not completely overwhelming.

But we can help.

At Fraser Scott, as your Business Accountants we’ll give you the tools, services and advice you need to help you plan your future and then achieve it. Here’s how.

  • Take Stock

    We’ll start by looking at the business you have now and making sure:

    • it’s structured for maximum growth potential,
    • you have the resources you need
    • you’re paying no more tax than you need to.
  • Design Your Future

    Next, we’ll look at the business you want. What do you want it to look like? Where do you want it to take you? Together we’ll create a blueprint for your ideal business – one that will take you exactly where you want to be.

  • Map It Out

    Knowing where you want to be is one thing. Getting there is another. But you don’t need to worry, because we’ll be helping you every step of the way.

    Using that blueprint of your ideal business, we’ll come up with a plan to build it that takes into account your commitments, constraints, and other challenges. You’ll know the steps you need to take, and when you need to take them. And we’ll be checking in with you regularly to make sure you’re still on track for creating the business you’ve always wanted.

What we’ll do

We’ve already helped hundreds of our clients improve and grow their businesses.And we’ll be using the same four-step process to help you grow yours. Here’s what our business accountants Sydney will do.

  • FIX
    • Assess and address any concerns you have about your business – including cashflow.
    • Make sure your business has the right tools, systems and processes in place.
    • Look at your repetitive tasks, and try to automate as many as possible.
    • Bring all your accounts and outstanding lodgements up to date.
    • Review your business structure (and restructure it if necessary) to make sure it supports your future plans.
  • SOW
    • Spend time with you to come up with a business strategy for what you want to achieve in the next 5–10 years.
    • Perform a “What if?” analysis on your business model to make sure it will give you the best possible outcome (i.e. profit) for your business.
    • Design a 12–24-month profit and cashflow forecast based on that business model that also helps you pay off any debts you may have.
    • Create a personalised dashboard that provides the important details about your business so you can watch it grow in real time.
  • GROW
    • Set a three-month growth plan for your business, and then review and revise it every quarter.
    • Schedule regular accountability meetings to keep you on track and identify (and clear) any bottlenecks.
    • Revise your 12–24-month profit and cashflow forecast to stay on top of any changes in both your business and the industry in general.
    • Run regular board meetings to review how each division in your business is performing.
  • Reap
    • Help you make the most of tax concessions so you may minimise tax and get the best possible return.
    • Discuss how you can reinvest in your business (providing the returns are justified).
    • Help you design and implement ways to make even more money outside your business.

What our clients are saying

  • “I am very happy to recommend John Scott”

    Bruce Applebaum
    Managing Director
  • “I’ve learned a lot from them, and I would recommend their services to anyone who needs an accountant who understands business”

    Nayana Wade
    Managing Director
  • “Our profitability has increased threefold and we’re on track to exceed our budget tenfold this year”

    John Manins
    Owner & Founder

Want To Get A Life?

Learn the steps to Get A Life outside of your Business by priming it for success and continuous growth.
  • 10 Steps that will ensure your success in a new business
  • Choosing a suitable business structure to secure your future
  • How to set a Strategic Plan and follow it
  • Why you probably won’t succeed without a Budget
  • How to market your business and stand out from all the noise
  • Small business can bring big profits. Learn how
  • Supercharge your business with Automation
  • 7 mistakes businesses make, and how you can avoid them

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  • Can’t say how great it is having you take care of this for me – you have made it super easy!!’

    Ruth Hawkins

  • Over the past few years I have found FRASER SCOTT & CO to be extremely efficient, enterprising and cost effective.’

    Greg Chappell Managing Director of Greg Chappell Sports Marketing Pty. Ltd.

  • From day one I found FRASER SCOTT & CO showed a real interest and enthusiasm in providing a service that would justify my bookkeeping and accounting needs.’

    Stewart PetersonManaging Director of Just Flights Pty. Ltd.

Online Reviews

  • Fraser Scott & Co guided me through the challenging process of finalising my partner's estate. At all times I felt professionally supported and well advised. I'm very grateful and would highly recommend their team for any accounting needs.

    thumb Steven Godbee
  • My husband and I are very fortunate to have John and Fraser Scott & Co as our accountant. We know we can trust John to find the best options and solutions to anything concerning our finance. Thank you John, you are the best!

    thumb Kateryna Collier
  • Our experience with Fraser Scott have been very positive. They are extremely responsive to our questions and most importantly, they believe in using technology to stay ahead of the curve. I recommend working with Fraser Scott & Co.

    thumb Maurice Berdugo
  • Fraser Scott & Co guided me through the challenging process of finalising my partner's estate. At all times I felt professionally supported and well advised. I'm very grateful and would highly recommend their team for any accounting needs.

    thumb Steven Godbee
  • Thank you John Scott for your support and assistance in streamlining my finances and business affairs. My new business initiative was difficult to envisage, as there were so many variables with a start up in the charity sector. John’s clear vision and his ‘miraculous’ one-page plan, help me see forward 3 years, with goals, incentives, needs and rewards. It is a very impressive document which Ive subsequently used for funding applications. John and the one page plan clarified my purpose, which in turn gave me great courage to establish my Foundation.

    thumb Kay Schubach
  • Always detailed and reliable service and advise. A pleasure to deal with.

    thumb Tabitha Fleming
  • After being let down by a previous accountant and extremely stressed with the aftermath, I am so impressed with Fraser Scott & Co who have taken me and my company on as a client. Their sincere professionalism along with making you feel at ease instead of running scared is a winning combination and I know we are now in very capable hands. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fraser Scott & Co to anyone who may be on the lookout for a new accountant.

    thumb Melissa Pemberton
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