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Helping primary producers reach their full potential

With a lot of rural clients within our practice, we have spun off a speciality business unit that caters specifically to the primary producers and their unique needs.

We have a very direct connection to the rural community and are really passionate about this sector. We truly believe that they are some of the best business people in the country, though many of these wonderful, clever and hard-working operators, don’t even realise that they are in business

Our vision is to help primary producers realise their full potential and become the best that they want to be

Together, we will grow your business in the following 4-step sequence:

What we’ll do

We’ve already helped hundreds of our clients improve and grow their businesses. And we’ll be using the same four-step process to help you grow yours. Here’s what we’ll do.

  • FIX
    • Assess and address any concerns you have about your business – including cashflow.
    • Make sure your business has the right tools, systems and processes in place.
    • Look at your repetitive tasks, and try to automate as many as possible.
    • Bring all your accounts and outstanding lodgements up to date.
    • Review your business structure (and restructure it if necessary) to make sure it supports your future plans.
  • SOW
    • Spend time with you to come up with a business strategy for what you want to achieve in the next 5–10 years.
    • Perform a “What if?” analysis on your business model to make sure it will give you the best possible outcome (i.e. profit) for your business.
    • Design a 12–24-month profit and cashflow forecast based on that business model that also helps you pay off any debts you may have.
    • Create a personalised dashboard that provides the important details about your business so you can watch it grow in real time.
  • GROW
    • Set a three-month growth plan for your business, and then review and revise it every quarter.
    • Schedule regular accountability meetings to keep you on track and identify (and clear) any bottlenecks.
    • Revise your 12–24-month profit and cashflow forecast to stay on top of any changes in both your business and the industry in general.
    • Run regular board meetings to review how each division in your business is performing.
  • Reap
    • Help you make the most of tax concessions so you may minimise tax and get the best possible return.
    • Discuss how you can reinvest in your business (providing the returns are justified).
    • Help you design and implement ways to make even more money outside your business.
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