About Us

About Us
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We are a team of driven individuals, moved by passion and armed with expertise. We provide the necessary tools, education and support for our clients from launching startups to assisting SME’s who want to grow and succeed.
John in highly skilled in using his tax and accounting knowledge to project-manage financial transactions by bringing together the legal, financial planning, finance, and other services in the most efficient and effective manner.
The effectiveness of John’s project management results in significant savings in both time and money for his clients.
John is a Fellow of CA and CPA Australia, holds a Bachelor of Economics degree and has 30 years’ experience in banking & finance, equity markets and accounting & tax. He is perfectly placed to advise across all aspects of business.
Mission Statement
(what we do every day)
Every day we help entrepreneurs and business owners like you improve lives by taking you from where you are now to where you want to be. We do this by:
  • Understanding your business
  • Constantly reassessing what you want from your business
  • Providing ideas & suggestions around your goals
  • Facilitating the growth of your business through education
  • Providing systems to set, implement and measure your goals
(what we are striving for)
We are striving to become the “go to” business advisory and accounting business for entrepreneurs and business owners who truly want to grow their businesses.
(what is not negotiable)
  • Provide value in everything we do
  • Excellence in delivery
  • No Surprises
  • Proactivity, independence and ideas
  • Some fun along the way and satisfaction of a job well done
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