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You know where you want to be. Let us can help you get there!
Help for Startups
This service is for people new to business, who are serious about growing and getting it right. Typically, you would have been in business for a month or two, have the training wheels on and are getting the sense of what drives your success.
We Can Help You In A Number Of Ways:
  • We Make It Easy For You To Solve Most Day-To-Day Business Problems
    You will have access to solutions from dealing with difficult employees through to improving profitability and cash flow.
  • We Make It Easy For You To Go Into Business
    Our startup packages have everything you need to start operating and can have you set up as a sole trader, partnership, company or trust in 24 hours.
  • We Make It Easy For You To Always Know Where You’re At
    Our strength as “real time” accountants means that we know your “up-to-the-minute” financial position and can warn you in advance of any impending issues.
  • We Make It Easy For You To Run Your Business
    You can be set up in the cloud on XERO and be ready to invoice on the same day and arrange for all your reporting obligations to happen seamlessly in the background.
  • Finally, We Help You Grow!
    Startup or a more mature business, our vision is to take each and every one of our clients to a turnover of $2 Million in under 7 years, using our Fast Track Incubator Program.
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