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Your Next BAS For Free!

Get more time to run your business and spend time with the kids
Here’s what else you will get by working with us:

Get Your Next BAS On Us

    For businesses on Xero or prepared to make a free conversion to Xero


    Why Choose Us

    • Accounts created to produce the BAS aren’t just wasted on the Tax Office – we can help you use them to strategically grow your business
    • XERO-centric practice that drives efficiencies and makes us very cost effective
    • Check that you are receiving all Covid19 government assistance you are entitled to

    Our Services


      We will make sure that you are not doing anything that may get you in trouble with the Tax Office.

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      Using apps and automation services to make sure you don’t manually do anything you don’t need to be doing.

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      Making sure your assets are protected and you have the right business structure.

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      Helping you increase the value of one of your major assets – your business.

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    Fraser Scott are located at

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