Wealth Creation

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Wealth Creation

For most people, wealth creation is about growing assets to meet specific goals, including:

  • Buying your first home
  • Saving for the kids’ education
  • Becoming free of debt
  • Providing for your retirement

An effective wealth creation strategy is a sensible, easy to follow process which over the long term will provide you with financial independence.

Fraser Scott has developed a 7-Step Personal Wealth Creation process to assist its clients to develop and accumulate wealth over the long term.

  • 1. Gather Information
  • 2. Cashflow + Balance Sheet (Assets/Liabilities)
  • 3. Tax Position + Tax Structures
  • 4. Setting Measurable Goals + Milestones
  • 5. Develop + Execute PLAN
  • 6. Life Stages + Events
  • 7. Ongoing Review + PLAN Stages

Our starting point is to learn more about you. We look at your assets, income, debts, health, family and dependants, your attitude to risk, your tax situation and other personal information such as your age and lifestyle.

In addition, we look at whether you are an employee or a small business owner, and any estate planning and business succession issues.

From this point, we start the planning process, including setting realistic goals and agree realistic and measurable milestones over a long period of time.

Of course, life does not stand still. You will experience many changes and challenges in your life and we need to regularly sit down with you and review your personal situation and goals to ensure we keep the PLAN on track.

How we can help

Fraser Scott Financial Advisory, in conjunction with our financial planning partners, can devise a plan and a pathway to meet your goals.

An ideal Wealth Creation strategy often incorporates:

  • Setting a Personal Budget
  • Reporting actual spending against the budget
  • Accumulating wealth via sound investments and tax-effective vehicles such as superannuation
  • Using cash flow management tools to save and manage debts
  • Protecting your wealth from unseen circumstances

Fraser Scott can help you to tailor a Wealth Creation PLAN to meet your current and longer term needs.

The right plan for you is the one that you are comfortable with and which will ultimately give you a sense of financial security and wellbeing.

Fraser Scott Financial Advisory Pty Ltd is authorised to provide financial advice (Authorised Representative Number 439151) under the Australian Financial Services Licence (No. 409424) of Accountable Financial Solutions Pty Ltd.