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Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

Establishment and Advice Packages:

Fraser Scott & Co has Self Managed Superannuation Fixed Price Packages establish and maintain your new or existing SMSF.

We help you consider whether or not a SMSF is right for you and can arrange for and advise you on the following:

Set Up

To establish a SMSF for you, we require a No Advice Statement/Instructions from you or we can arrange for A Statement of Advice including an Investment Strategy and Rollover Advice, prepared by a licensed Financial Advisor.

With your Advice in hand, you can use our dedicated SMSF Website Portal to:

  • Establish a Superannuation Trust Deed and a corporate Trustee (Trustee being a company).
  • Active associated ATO registrations such as ABN, TFN, and GST (if required).
  • Appoint director(s) the trustee Company and establish member(s) of the SMSF
  • Produce all required minutes including the Trustee Representation Letter.
  • Open a bank account for the SMSF.


  • Fund Administration through bank feeds and a limited statutory bill paying service e.g. Administration fee, ATO taxes and ASIC fees.
  • All advice in relation to the taxation outcomes of a particular investment strategy in a SMSF.
  • Oversight of the production of an annual tax return and audited financial statements for the SMSF

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A SMSF can have up to four members and the four members can all combine their superannuation monies into the one fund. Each member’s funds and investment entitlements are legally accounted for separately and held in separate member accounts.

Growing wealth through SMSFWhat Investments can a SMSF have?

  • Publicly listed Shares on the ASX
  • Cash, Term Deposits & Bonds
  • Residential Property e.g. Units and Flats
  • Commercial Property e.g. Factories, Warehouses and other Business Premises

Many businesses for example purchase suitable commercial property in their SMSF to run their business from, effectively renting from themselves.

SMSF can now also borrow and this allows funds to access larger investments than they previously could. Solid financial and tax planning considerations need to be made before this path is considered as an option.

There are strict laws for these investment types and consultation with us, in conjunction with our Financial Planning partners, is required. We have assisted many clients with property acquisitions, involving settlement analysis, fund cashflow forecasting and pension phase options using our customised checklist.

Contact us today for help with determining the best strategy for your circumstances.

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