Signature Packages – Fixed Price Accounting

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Comprehensive Services With No Hidden Surprises

Fixed Price Confidence

At Fraser Scott & Co. our mission is to:

  • Work with businesses that want to grow
  • Truly understand our clients’ businesses
  • Provide “real time” cloud-based accounting so business owners can make businesses decisions based on the latest financial information
  • Go the extra mile and be available to provide the best service we can

To this end, we have created a range of Signature Packages that include just the right services for the different stages of the life of your business.

We understand “one size does not fit alI” so all our standard Signature Packages are tailored to your unique business’ requirements as part of the initial consultation and are reviewed annually.

Packages can be upgraded of downgraded as your business changes.

In addition, we encourage all our clients to pick up the phone or drop us an email any time there is something on their mind and not have to worry about receiving a bill for the call.

The best thing about our Signature Packages is that they are completely surprise-free with no large accounting bills at the end, because you pay by the month.

Startup Packages
Business Tax Return Packages
Bookkeeping Packages
Self Managed SuperFund Packages
Marketing Packages

Our Structured Business Development Program packages

Growth Packages

Signature Packages Not For You?

If our fixed price Signature Packages aren’t for you, talk to us today about “by the job” ad hoc services for your unique requirements.
Pay By The Month
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